Wednesday, February 27, 2013


You might be showing your age if you remember the bicentennial in 1976.  (I may or may not have a plaster of Paris Christmas ornament made in Brownies from that very year.)  You may be well beyond the age of being carded if you actually sang the title of this blog.  And I’ll award you 1000 cool points if you remembered that the Bay City Rollers sang that classic tune,  S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y Night  

But, back in the day of the bicentennial, I wasn’t really interested in Saturday nights…we had to come inside to take a bath when the streetlights came on…but Saturday mornings were the best.  That was back in a different era when kids didn’t want to sleep in on that weekend day because it was, as we dubbed it, “Cartoon Day”.  Yes, we only had three main channels…6, 8, and 13.  And, yes, cartoons were basically only on Saturday mornings unless you got up extra early before school and could catch Cowboy Bob’s Coral or Popeye and Janie.  Any kid learning to print on primary writing paper with the pink dotted lines watched cartoons on Saturday mornings. Now there are entire networks devoted solely to cartoon programming.  You can virtually watch them any time of the day or night.  Saturdays will never be the same again.

That’s probably what many people will be saying come August when they make a trek to the post office to mail a stack of bills or send that special birthday present and see a closed sign hanging on the door of their local post office. I have to say, I feel a bit responsible for this.  I Facebook (is that a verb?), tweet, email, blog, pay my bills, and even donate online.  In fact, 10% of the donations at the Community Foundation are made online in our Donor Marketplace.  Just a few mouse clicks on our website and you can donate to any one of our 300 funds.  Click, Click, Click and you’re a philanthropist.  But, it didn’t used to be that way. In fact, I just had a conversation about this over coffee last week with one of our more mature donors.  He’s almost 90 and was telling me the story of how he met his wife.  She recently passed away and those fond memories still bring a smile to his face and the sweetest giggle your ears could ever hear.  Both of us remembered exchanging love letters with our future spouses during the dating years.  There’s just something about getting a letter, seeing the familiar handwriting, and finding an unexpected scented envelope in your mailbox that can just make one giddy.  We both wrote those letters.  We both received those letters.  We both saved those letters.  Maybe the written word isn’t dead yet, but it won’t be delivered by the mailman on the weekends anymore.  Saturdays will never be the same again.

And neither will the Colts.  This past season we missed Jeff Saturday’s beautiful Colt-blue eyes t as he spent one year as a Green Bay Packer.  But, there’s no doubt his heart belongs to Indianapolis...his fans and his Colts.  Apparently you can take the boy out of Indy, but you can’t take the Indy out of the boy.  Jeff bled blue for 13 seasons, 5 Pro Bowls and 1 Super Bowl ring in our hometown.  One might ask how you could you possibly top that.  Well, you plan to come back to the Colts by signing a one-day contract.  Then you announce your official retirement…from the Colts.  So, Saturday will retire as a Colt sometime in the next few months.  And, Sundays will never be the same again.

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