Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Have a Nibby Thanksgiving

In Texas they have no idea what being nibby means.  I remember the first time someone asked me what nibby meant.  I said, “You know, it’s when someone is a  nibnose”.  Yeah, they didn’t know what a nibnose was either.  The urban dictionary defines nibby as:  Midwest country-folk slang for nosy or prying as in Gladys Kravitz from Bewitched.  Ah, it’s a Midwest thing…who knew?  Apparently, there are many unique things about our Hoosier home, all of which we should be thankful for because it’s…our home.

As we prepare Thanksgiving dinner this year, I won’t be surprised if we chop up a few mangos.  My mom forever called green peppers mangos.  I was 22 before I realized there is another mango.  It’s a fruit, not a pepper.  Try to explain that to a non-Hoosier.

Of course, we’ll make some noodles.  Church ladies across the state have been preparing homemade noodles to sell at bake sales since the first cold spell.  And, you can’t go wrong with homemade, churchlady noodles.  They.  Are.  The.  Best.  But, one thing you won’t find outside the Midwest is a heap of those starchy noodles atop a heap of carb-filled mashed potatoes.  Double carbs, are you kidding?  Honestly, they just don’t know what they are missing.  

And don’t even try to buy a sugar cream pie down south.  Heck, don’t even ask for one at the store unless you want to get ‘the look’.  And might I add, if you haven’t had a sugar cream pie from Concannon’s Bakery in Muncie, Indiana, you just haven’t lived.

After dinner, if you join some family members in a few games of euchre, you just might be from the Midwest.  I wonder what they’re thinking when, in everyday language, someone says that one idea trumps another.  Maybe they think it’s a Donald Trump reference.  

I love all of those things about the Midwest, Indiana, and Grant County.  The more I’ve traveled, the more I value those little things that make my hometown special.  Yet, you don’t have to travel further than your Thanksgiving table to see what’s truly special in your life…even if they’re a little nibby.

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  1. No noodles over mashed potatos outside the midwest?!?!?! Someone needs to help those people, they're not really living!